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HSD fuel means High Speed Diesel. This diesel is used to run the vehicle or engines which works 750rpm or above, like trucks, lowries, buses, huge locomotives, etc…to work according to their capacity and strength, this fuel gives the engine the strength it requires.

MS stands for Motor Spirit. In oil industry parlance MS is used for petrol. The normal public usage is the word petrol. Petrol & MS are the same product. The normal public usage is the word petrol

Diesel fuel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbon molecules derived from petroleum crude oil. While the term “diesel fuel” includes products such as burner fuel, heating fuel, X- Grade, D- Grade, fuel oil and others, it most commonly refers to a distillate that is burned in compression combustion engines or home heating systems.

Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel for diesel engines made from animal fats or vegetable oils, such as soybean oil. Pure biodiesel (B-100) contains no petroleum is biodegradable and nontoxic. Pure biodiesel is often blended with petroleum diesel to create biodiesel blends, such as B-2 or B-5, this designation indicates a 2% or 5% biodiesel blend.

Diesel engine smoke is caused by incomplete combustion. White smoke is caused by tiny droplets of unburnt fuel resulting from engine misfire at low temperatures, this smoke should disappear as your engine warm up

Tank location and storage temperatures affect a fuel’s storage life. As diesel fuel is stored, it slowly reacts with oxygen in the air form gums and varnishes. As temperatures increase, the reaction also increases. The addition of contaminants such as water or rust accelerates this process.

Contamination, dirty water and other airborne materials are usually the cause. However, most of these problems are correctable. Filter replacement can prevent the pump and injector wear that results in premature repairs.

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